Shawnigan Lake Retreat

Brooks dropped us off right in the arms of Emily’s friend from Trinity College, Maddy. We bid farewell to our great American host for the ultimate Canadian experience, and proceeded to our next one- staying at a rustic wooden cottage in the great Canadian outdoors. Maddy shuttled us over to her island on her tin boat, and we met the family and some friends. We set up our tent in the treehouse, since this was a cute location and there weren’t screens to keep the bugs at bay.

Maddy should have (or could have) charged us $300/night like they do in Costa Rica

Maddy’s boathouse

After lunch, we headed over to the teeny town of Shawnigan, and had a Nanaimo Bar. Laurent wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was required for him to have one on Vancouver Island, since it was as close as we would be getting to Nanaimo. As a true Canadian Emily can’t confess she also thought them to be a little overrated. We strolled over to check out Maddy’s alma mater, the colossal Shawnigan Lake School, and walked on the train tracks back to the boat. In the evening, we played some beer pong and Monopoly under the glow of the propane lamps.

Maddy makes eggs

We took the opportunity of being on the island another day to laze around and catch up on some rest. We read a little, took a bath in the lake, and chatted in Maddy’s boat. We tried water tubing for the first time and it was absolutely exhilarating. 10/10 we would do it again. Under Laurent’s encouragement (badgering), Emily tried water skiing out. On her third try, she was able to get up and ski for a couple seconds, before tumbling back down to the lake again. That was enough for this land mammal, and she parked herself on land for the rest of the stay.

Skiing is meant for land…

Living room on the water

The next morning, we hitched a ride with Maddy’s mom to the ferry to Vancouver. Thanks Maddy for being such a great host!!!

Luv u forever Maddy