Hitchhiking from Texas to Alaska Part Nine: Prince George and the Ancient Forest

We spent 4 full days with our red Chevy Cruze giving us the luxury to go wherever, whenever, but now it was time for us to give it up and move on. We packed our things and cleaned out the car, and handed the key over to the office right at 8am so we could get on our way. While snacking on many a Timbit waiting on the side of the road, we soon got picked up by a British family in their large rental van headed to Clearwater. We got off shortly before the junction because they pulled off to the side to go for a short hike, and soon were picked up by a veteran in his large pickup truck accompanied by 2 excited dogs. Emily took custody of the small one who had recently underwent ear surgery so that it could become a show dog while we drove. After getting slobbered on quite a bit, she gratefully handed the small thing back to the driver and we got out of the car.

We needed to apply permethrin to our clothing ASAP

Overexcited puppies

Our next ride required quite a bit more waiting. Luckily for us, it didn’t rain yet, and we got picked up in just over an hour by a 1980s blue pickup truck. A talkative veteran put us in the front seat and strapped our bags on top of his trunk cover. He was headed straight to Prince George. Emily got to entertain yet another small dog for the ~280km ride to Prince George. Along the way, he imparted his wisdom about staying safe along the BC roads (always carry a knife) and his homemade cookies. He offered to bring us to a Chinese restaurant that his friend owned for lunch, but it was closed so we made it to Prince George in very little time. Although he admitted he didn’t have any appointment later in the day, he still sped to Prince George like he had, garnering the attention of an RCMP officer who politely told him he was going 26km over the speed limit and handed him a CAD $200 fine. He shrugged it off and continued to speed. We saw a black bear on the side of the road. When we arrived in Prince George, he gallantly dropped us off right at our Couchsurf host’s place. As parting gift he gave us his number, which we could always call in an emergency situation. If this would be the case, he would jump in a helicopter and come rescue us. Either a great man or a bit of a loony, who knows?

Well at least we got to Prince George in no time

Elle was to finish work 2 hours after we arrived, so we made ourselves at home on her very comfortable back porch. She warmly welcomed us when she arrived, and showed us our place to stay (most comfortable bed ever). She ordered pizza for us for dinner and we exchanged stories about our travels and discussed her job in social work. She showed us some of her excellent wildlife photography photos, and we got quite excited by them. We were impressed by her commitment to make her community a better place, and seriously appreciated the wisdom she imparted on us from the stories she shared. In the evening, we did laundry and caught up on our then much behind posts for our blog.

The next day, we slept in on the comfy bed. We had intended to leave towards Whitehorse that day, but decided instead to stay in Elle’s wonderful company and to write more posts. She offered to take us to the Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut which we passed by the day before, and we heartily agreed. We completed the entire walking loop in less than 2 hours, and enjoyed looking at the big trees, strolling on the boardwalk, and snapping photos of the waterfall. Due to the recent rain, we had a pleasant view of the mountains across from us. At lunchtime, we headed back to her house and polished off her leftover pizza, giving us enough energy to tap away furiously on the computer for the rest of the day. For dinner, she made us a delicious salad, lasagna, and garlic bread, which we munched on contently before going back to our blog posts. The next morning, we set off to Whitehorse fully recharged. Thank you very much for your extremely kind hospitality Elle, and thank you doubly for all your dedication to your community to make it a better place!

Little human in a big tree forest

Very well marked trails

Waterfall attraction of the little provincial park

Look up- cedar canopy!