Hitchhiking from Texas to Alaska Part Eight: Getting to Canada

Slightly dazed from our short stay in Seattle, we woke up early and got ready to start our trip to Canada. We planned to stay a night in Port Angeles, but this turned out to be unnecessary. After a short walk from Corey’s apartment, we reached the ferry port of Seattle. Here we paid our USD $8 and got on a ferry to the Olympic Peninsula. Sure, we could have hitchhiked to this park, but that would have been a long loop made difficult by the unclear hitchhiking laws of Washington state.

First ferry of the day

Goodbye Seattle

On board the 7:45am ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, we started to make a hitchhiking sign for Port Angeles under the curious eye of a fellow passenger. After we finished the sign, this passenger, John, told us that he was going there and that we could come with him. This still counted as hitchhiking for us.  While he went to get his car, we saw our chance to get some breakfast. Considering we got a ride so easy and so early, we decided to cancel our plans to stay in Port Angeles and make it to CA-NA-DA today.  John was nice enough to drop us at the second port of the day in Port Angeles, from where we got our USD $18 ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island in CA-NA-DA.

Ferry to Victoria

Downtown Victoria

In addition to being Emily’s home country, Canada is also home to the Timbit. Logically, the first stop we made in Canada was the Tim Hortons. Our stomachs properly glazed with sugar, we headed out for our first ride in Canada. Our new destination of the day would be Brooks’ house in Sooke. So we made a new sign and stood next to the road, until…. Until, a cop pulled up next to us (in fairness, we had really just blocked his path to the parking spot) and told us to move and that hitchhiking was illegal here. Well, we disagree with the latter, but did not openly disagree with him, and took a bus to Sooke. After hitchhiking in most of South, Central, and North America, Canada was the first place a cop told us we couldn’t do it. Shame.

A very excited Laurent