Exploring Freshwater Caves in Utila

There is no question that the main attraction in Utila is Scuba diving. Following this, the second reason is definitely the backpackers’ bar scene and drinking t-shirt contests, and thirdly is probably snorkeling. So, like a bucket list checklist, we went through these one by one. However, that is not to say there aren’t other cool things to do on Utila. On this website we found the directions to some sweet looking freshwater caves. To get there, we walked to the airport, turned right on the paved sidewalk, turned left at the first opportunity and found a little path right of the Utila power station. A short walk over sharp volcanic stones led us to the first cave (more like a swimming pond, but very refreshing after the sweaty walk there). This seemed to be well known among the locals, and they occupied the site with snacks and music.

The first cave

Refreshing pool

To get to the underwater cave however, you have to descend a little ladder and under the ladder is a hole. If you crawl (or if you are Emily sized, you can crab walk) in this hole and follow it for a few minutes you end up in another refreshing pool with crystal clear water (it is impossible to determine how deep it is) full of stalagmites and stalactites. A ton of bats flutter freely in this cave and some crabs have also made it their home. We were lucky that we had asked a dorm mate to join, who brought an underwater flashlight. This made the exploration possible (bring an underwater flashlight if you go!!). It was a good afternoon advenure after a morning of diving.

Enter here

Underwater cave